Sage Platinum for Windows (PFW) retirement on March 31, 2014

Click HERE view the retirement announcement from Sage.

Have you considered staying on Platinum for Windows (PFW)?

Unless your company operates in an industry where being on supported software is a legal requirement, there is no reason why you can't:

- Continue using PFW until you are ready to migrate to new software

- Keep using PFW indefinitely

We know that staying on PFW while "off-maintenance" is definitely an option because we've been working with a manufacturing company who are still running PFW 48a. That's over 10 years since the last service pack for PFW 48s was released.

However, there are two things a lot of companies rely on, which will no longer be available:

- Yearly 1099 updates

- Technical support

We have a solution for both of these issues.

1099 Updates?

We've been providing 1099 updates created with Crystal Reports to numerous clients who are 'off-maintenance'.

This method of printing tax forms using data in PFW proved so successful for one client, they had us go one step further and create a crystal report to print their 1096 forms.

What about technical support?

We've been providing clients who are 'off-maintenance' with technical support for the last ten years.

Support can be purchased on a per-incident basis.

Blocks of 5 and 10 support incidents can be purchased at a discount.

You will receive credit for support incidents that cannot be solved if the cause is deemed to be a bug in PFW.

Support is available via phone during office hours and via e-mail at any time.